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Flowering Shrubs Description

Flowering Shrubs are a huge group of bushes that bloom. They vary greatly in color, size, look, and climate preference. You will find just what you need from our large selection. Add color and beauty to your landscape with flowering shrubs. Be advised, you will receive a quality plant when you choose The Planting Tree.

Flowering shrubs are the foundation of any kind of garden, offering privacy along a boundary, drawing in pollinators, as well as offering color for many years to come. With thousands of varieties, there's a beautiful blooming shrub for your taste!

To ensure your brand-new flowering shrub gets a good start, select the right plant for the best place. Initially, make certain it's fit for your USDA Hardiness Zone. Observe the part of your garden where you prepare to grow it: Does it get full sun (6 or more hrs of straight sunlight) or is it a lot more like part shade (about 3 to 4 hours daily)? Right here's the most vital thing to bear in mind: Some flowering shrubs bloom on branches that grew the year before (called "old wood"), others bloom on this year's development (brand-new wood), and still others bloom on both old and also brand-new wood! If you're uncertain what you have, wait till the plant blooms, then trim to shape. If you prune beforehand, you run the risk of removing flower buds.

TheFrost Proof GardeniaThe beautiful white double formed blooms provide a great contrast against shiny dark green leaves. It is great planted around a deck or window, so you can enjoy the fragrance during the entire blooming season. The Gardenia is a must have in every landscaping.

Hydrangea Anomala Petiolaris: Classic white, lace cap flowers and lush, green foliage dance over ugly, old fences and barren walls transforming them into something out of impressionist painting.

Endless Summer Hydrangea: The Endless Summer® Original Hydrangea is the first Hydrangea in the Endless Summer® collection and still a best selling favorite! This Hydrangea is one of the very first to bloom on old wood as well as new growth!

Hot Flash Camellia: Hot Flash Camellia Blooms from late fall into winter months. Reaches 4-5 Feet tall and 5-6 Feet wide. Prefers full to partial sunlight. A perfect evergreen shrub that blooms.

Bloomerang® Dark Purple Reblooming Lilac: The Bloomerang® Purple Re-blooming Lilac is one of the newest additions to the Bloomerang® Series. With big and beautiful flower clusters that bloom twice in one year, it makes for a wonderful addition to your landscape.

Endless Summer Hydrangea Blushing BrideAnother gorgeous addition to the Endless Summer® Collection, the Blushing Bride Hydrangea may just steal the show! With 3 seasons of large, white blooms that mature to a subtle pink or blue tint, there isn't anything else like it!

Sunny Knock Out Rose: This yellow rose will be blooming the very first year! Our roses are full size and ready to plant. Blooms change from bright yellow to a creamy yellow as they mature.

Vanilla Strawberry® Hydrangea: Flowers emerge creamy white in mid summer, transition to pink and finally to a deep strawberry pink in fall. The flowers will remind you of a refreshing strawberry sundae on a hot summer afternoon.

Pinky Winky® Hydrangea Tree: The new Pinky Winky® Hydrangea tree is exactly what you have been looking for! Similar to the Vanilla Strawberry® hydrangea the Pinky Winky® has huge pink and white cone blooms.

Double Knock Out® Rose: The compact, lush Double Knock Out Rose bloom begs to be admired.  This variety is resistant to black spot and other common rose diseases.

Annabelle Hydrangea: The Annabelle Hydrangea is a hardy shrub that displays stunning white blossoms that can reach 12” in diameter. The Annabelle is one of the oldest flowering shrubs that can be found in an American garden! 

Pink Double Knock Out® RosePink Knock Out Roses have double blooms which gives the flowers a lusher look than standard single blooms. These bushes are loaded with delicate, stunning flowers that bloom for most of the year!

Purple Magic Crape Myrtle: Do you love crape myrtles but hate the diseases associated with them? Meet the new and improved First Editions® Magic™ Crape Myrtle Series. 

Twist-n-Shout Hydrangea Endless SummerThe Twist-n-Shout® Endless Summer Hydrangea is the very first re-blooming Lacecap Hydrangea!

Incrediball HydrangeaThe Incrediball Hydrangea is NO FLOP! Literally! This hydrangea from Proven Winners was bred specifically to have thick, tough stems that could support even the most enormous hydrangea flowers!

Greensboro Red CamelliaThe Greensboro Red Camellia is a wonderful evergreen shrub that can also be used as a small ornamental tree. It is a compact shrub with an upright growing habit and smooth grey branches that hold dark green, oval shaped, glossy foliage.

Be sure to browse our Flowering Trees collection for additional options.

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